Wash only –  includes a warm wash, drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a relaxing massage.

Wash and cut – includes a warm wash, drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning, a relaxing massage and a breed cut/style.

Indiana Bones will bring clean and fresh towels along (one per dog).
(If you want your own personalised towel please visit our Boutique Store)

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Benefits of Mobile Grooming

        • No more drop offs and collections
        • No long waits at the parlour
        • No dirty car
        • No more cages
        • No more anxiety or motion sickness from driving around
        • No more travelling in vans to and from the parlour
          • No more waiting wet for your turn to get dried
          • No more experiencing a noisy unfamiliar environment

Our Services



A specialised de-shedding tool is used. Smooth stainless steel tips that are gentle on pets won’t cut or irritate their skin. It removes 80% of...

De – Matting

This will only be done if the dog can be de-matted without experiencing pain or discomfort , this process can take some time. The de-matting...

Tick+Flea-No Dip

We offer a chewable tablet for 12 weeks of continuous protection against fleas and ticks. Fewer chances to forget a treatment as we remind you...

Teeth Brushing

We use Tooth Gel which eliminates germs causing bad breath, Plaque & Gingivitis safe for both Cats and Dogs.